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Ten years ago, the characters in Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead were cleverly given first names that allowed the first letters of each of their names to spell out DEMON – David, Eric, Mia, Olivia, Natalie – and Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise has similarly hidden some Easter Eggs within the characters’ names. Every character in the new movie is named after a past Evil Dead star!

Here’s the full main character roster, and the stars their names pay tribute to…

Actor/Character: Lily Sullivan – Beth

Named After: Embeth Davidtz, Army of Darkness

Evil Dead Rise review

Actor/Character: Alyssa Sutherland – Ellie

Named After: Ellen Sandweiss, The Evil Dead (1981)

Actor/Character: Morgan Davies – Danny

Named After: Dan Hicks, Evil Dead II

Actor/Character: Gabrielle Echols – Bridget

Named After: Bridget Fonda, Army of Darkness

Actor/Character: Nell Fisher – Kassie

Named After: Kassie Wesley DePaiva, Evil Dead II

Even minor character names pay tribute to the past, including…

Actor/Character: Mirabai Pease – Teresa

Named After: Theresa Tilly, The Evil Dead (1981)

Actor/Character: Noah Paul – Bruce

Named After: Bruce Campbell, of course

Actor/Character: Mark Mitchinson – Mr. Fonda

Named After: Bridget Fonda, Army of Darkness

Actor/Character: Anna-Maree Thomas – Jessica

Named After: Jessica Lucas, Evil Dead (2013)

Two other characters in Evil Dead Rise are named Jake (Billy Reynolds-McCarthy) and Scott (Tai Wano), seemingly a reference to Jake from Evil Dead II and Scotty from The Evil Dead.

Did you notice any other fun Easter Eggs in Evil Dead Rise? Comment and let us know!

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