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Wonderama TV, the Times Square Alliance and One Times Square Successfully Celebrated the Biggest Halloween Parade in History II for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

NEW YORK (October 31, 2022) - Wonderama TV, the Times Square Alliance and One Times Square added some meaning to Halloweening during the “Biggest Halloween Parade in History II” that took place in New York City’s Times Square on October 30th, 2022 in celebration of Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. As the only...

The Best Horror of the Year: The Winners of the Shirley Jackson Awards

The Shirley Jackson Awards recognize “outstanding achievement in the literature of horror, the dark fantastic, and psychological suspense.” Beginning in 2007, they award works in these genres according to format, including Novel, Novelette, Short Fiction, and Anthology. This year’s winners are all books published in 2021. Find more news and...
Pop Culture

Severance Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Spoilers for Severance season 1 ahead. It's fitting that, in this era of return-to-office fatigue, mass resignations, “quiet quitting,” and declining professional ambition, a show about the oddities and horrors of work life would captivate us most. Apple TV+'s Severance took the world by storm after premiering in February, garnering...
Fashion & Style

Is Kim Kardashian a Style Icon — Or a Hot Mess?

Photography by Getty Images Two writers debate whether the reality-TV celebrity and entrepreneur is actually fashionable or just super famous. By Jordan Adrienne and Jennifer Nguyen Date October 31, 2022 Facebook Twitter It’s impossible to ignore Kim Kardashian’s fashion looks. No matter what the reality-TV star wears, you can guarantee it...
Celebrity News

Jennifer Hudson and More TV Hosts Reveal Their Halloween Costumes

It's no trick, these Halloween outfits are such a treat!Every year, TV hosts pull out all the stops to celebrate spooky season with elaborate costumes. And the 2022 looks were just as spectacular as you'd expect.  The Today show crew continued their annual group costume tradition, this time opting for Las Vegas theme....

Runaway June Re-Introduce Themselves With ‘Broken Hearts …’

Runaway June are ushering in a new era with their new song “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things).”The upbeat singalong offering is the first with new lead vocalist Stevie Woodward, who joins Natalie Stovall and original member Jennifer Wayne and replaces previous frontwoman Naomi Cooke.“Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things” is a...
Pop Culture

Adele Explains Why She Might Never Have an EGOT

Getting an EGOT — an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award — is not something that is in the reach of every performer. The people most likely to do it are musicians, since regular actors rarely win Grammys, even the award-winning ones. One person who is very close to the...
Fashion & Style

A New Rihanna Era Is Here

Photography by Getty Images Yes, we're talking brand. new. music. By Natalie Michie Date October 27, 2022 Facebook Twitter This article was originally published on September 26, 2022. After a six-year hiatus, music-making Rihanna has entered the chat. And we simply cannot remain calm. On October 28, the beauty mogul...
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