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Top 10 Yola Songs

Ever since the release of her first solo album, 2019's Walk Through Fire, British country singer Yola has been the subject of widespread critical acclaim. Her records blend the evocative storytelling of traditional folk and country with syncopated rhythms of R&B and ornate arrangements of mid-20th century countrypolitan music.At live shows, she’s held...

Ace of Cups Deserved Much Better

They didn’t boo, they didn’t walk out, and they certainly didn’t applaud. The strangest thing — and maybe the most telling sign of things to come — is that they just stared, as if aliens had landed at a high school in Northern California.The members of Ace of Cups don’t...
Celebrity News

Ellen Star Sophia Grace Responds to Plastic Surgery Speculation

Sophia Grace Brownlee remains au naturel.The 19-year-old cleared up rumors about her physical appearance in a new video she posted to YouTube, saying she's never gone under the knife or used injectables.  "So someone said, ‘At first, when I saw you on social media, I thought you had plastic surgery, do you?'"...
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