Book Storage for Small Spaces: 11 Creative Solutions

As readers, it can be a constant struggle to find space to store our book collections. And if you’re in a smaller space (or your books are housed in a smaller room) it can be difficult to make the best use of the space, or to find book storage solutions...

It’s a New Year, Let’s Leave ‘Alpha Male’ Rap Fandom Behind

Hip-hop has something for everyone. That’s the beauty of the genre — but in some instances, it reflects ugly realities. Future’s I Never Liked You and Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss are two 2022 rap albums that lean on misogynistic tropes, in their marketing and lyrical content, to great...

Shania Twain + Frederic Thiebaud — Country Love Stories

Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud's love story is one of redemption -- something beautiful out of pain and heartbreak -- and their marriage is one that will inspire hope in even the darkest of situations. Their love and respect for one another shines and makes us believe a little more in the power...

How The War and Treaty Met CMA Duet Partners Brothers Osborne

Two powerhouse duos collided at the 2022 CMA Awards last month (Nov. 9), when Brothers Osborne hopped onstage with the War and Treaty to perform their tribute to the Rolling Stones, "It's Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It)."The performance was a true genre mash-up: Husband-and-wife duo the War...
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