Make It Famous – The FMs with Miss Cherry Delight “Annihilation Denial”

Salacious, Queer, Give a damn, industrial music band The FMs and singer Miss Cherry Delight have recently released what the planet seems to already be aware of, but doesn’t seem to give a fuck….”Annihilation Denial.” The hard driving, we’re destroying the earth track and video comes at a time when the planet is really in trouble, a follow up to the band’s frightening “Silent City.”

The FMs front person Matte Namer, an unapologetic, “we need to check the planet” advocate really cares. They/them writes from the heart, and means it. Their songs have strength and power behind them with REAL messages about REAL problems that need to be noticed. Namer for President….maybe? But if not and in the meanwhile their songs demand attention at best.

“Annihilation Denial” is a hard tribute to the devastation the planet is soon to face but it’s also a commanding song and video. It’s industrial, borderline goth flair is awakening and easily caters to fans loving that special type of sound. The FMs have a flair for the sexual drama and glitz that combines truth and fantasy and makes it all fascinating and awesome. Namer also notices the science beyond the tune. “Annihilation Denial” is based on fact….not on what MIGHT happen, but what WILL happen if we don’t pay attention. “The Brooklyn band exudes sex, subversion, and style through the politically charged pop missives.”

From the words of Matte Namer, “We’re in a time of massive social upheaval, caught in a wild story that none of us know how it will end. Will the dark forces who propagate in fear, selfishness, machismo and narcissism beat out the side of reason, love, and compassion? I sure hope not, but we’ll be doing our part to steer the storyline.” Matte Namer for President? They/them got my vote, if not for public office than at least for a social Grammy….

5/5 Stars

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