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A year after its initial release on PC, Red Hook Studios will finally be bringing Darkest Dungeon II to the PlayStation. The base game, as well as the “The Binding Blade” DLC and the Oblivion bundle which contains the base game and DLC – will be available as cross-buy across PlayStation 4 and 5 on July 15th. Pre-orders are now available.

“We have been very eager to bring Darkest Dungeon II to PlayStation players,” said Tyler Sigman, Design Director for Red Hook Studios. “The game feels great with DualSense Controller–we’ve been able to add touches like feeling the heartbeat of a hero on death’s door, or the rumble of the stagecoach’s wheels as it hits a trap. [The original] Darkest Dungeon was fortunate to find a strong community on PlayStation and we hope the same proves true with the sequel.”

As mentioned, in addition to the base game (which we reviewed here), “The Blinding Blade” DLC will also be available on PlayStation. The expansion sees players face off against The Warlord, a new roaming mini-boss to encounter on your journey to the Mountain in Darkest Dungeon II. The DLC also adds two new playable heroes in The Duelist and The Crusader, complete with a special unlock quest for the Crusader, unique trinkets, signature items and fully voiced backstories, including playable flashback encounters.

Darkest Dungeon II is available now on the Epic Games Store and Steam.

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