As Angelina Jolie’s Legal Battle With Brad Pitt Over Winery Continues, An Insider Makes Claims About Her Making Recordings Of Him During Their Marriage

It’s been over seven years since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, and yet their legal battle rages on. We’ve heard rumblings in the last couple of months that the couple may be close to settling their matters as they tend to have some final loose ends between them. However, Jolie’s most recent filing could allegedly make things ugly if she decides to release recordings of the couple from their marriage. 

Earlier this month, Angelina Jolie filed new court documents alleging that her ex Brad Pitt was physically abusive to her during their marriage and that it “started well before” her well-documented account of Pitt’s alleged actions toward her and their children back in 2016. Jolie claims the incident on the plane marked the first time he turned his abuse toward their children, but she had been a victim of it years before then. Per a new report from InTouch, Jolie is allegedly now willing to release recordings she made of the couple as well without the actor’s knowledge. In the words of the source:  

Angelina secretly recorded Brad many times throughout their marriage and has made it clear to him that she’s willing to use them to get back at him.

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