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Why Janet Jackson Fans Paid Tribute to Her During 2024 Super Bowl

Usher may have been the headliner of the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show, but Janet Jackson fans will always deem the biggest night in sports as “Janet Jackson Appreciation Day.” The youngest of the Jackson dynasty hit the stage alongside Justin Timberlake in 2004. An infamous wardrobe malfunction ensued, and the fallout was swift and brutal for Jackson. Though the reveal was planned, Jackson’s nipple, though covered, was not supposed to show. Many accused the singer of intentionally doing it for shock value, which she denied. Jackson took the fall, paying a fine, being forced to apologize, and seemingly being blackballed from CBS events. The network housed the event that year. Jackson has not appeared at the Grammys, which airs on CBS, since. In the year of “Nipple gate,” Jackson’s invitation to the Grammys was rescinded. Timberlake was still able to attend. 

But TMZ reports the academy tried to make amends. Grammy executives and CBS reportedly planned to honor the Poetic Justice star at the 2023 award show. She was set to receive the Global Impact Award. As part of the deal, Recording Academy members wanted her to attend a pre-Grammy event with the Black Music Collective, but she had a conflicting event. Jackson’s team wanted CBS to either apologize or figure out a way to publicly acknowledge the way she was mistreated, but an agreement wasn’t reached. Rapper Lil Wayne received the award instead. 

But Jackson was on the mind of many social media users during this year’s Super Bowl. And they made it known the day will always be in her honor. Some even go as far as boycotting the Super Bowl.

Duties resume

As a way to honor Jackson, some fans don’t watch the Super Bowl at all. The Halftime show is not excluded, regardless of who is the headliner.


A musical mash-up

Despite the drama that ensured, Jackson’s performance was grand at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show. She performed a slew of hits, including “All for You.” Jessica Simpson gave the intro. Nelly and Diddy hit the stage for solo performances. The show took place in Houston, Texas.


An overwhelming day

Jackson wasn’t the only thing on music lover’s minds. It was a big day for R&B icons, as noted in one X user’s post.


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