‘Evil Dead Rise’ Brings Books, Blood, and Bookends With Highs and Lows [Halloweenies Podcast]

Two years ago, Safe Room Podcast began with a discussion about the Resident Evil series for its 25th anniversary. So for the milestone of 100 episodes, it felt fitting to return to the Resi well once more. Yeah, we’ve returned a few times in 100 episodes, but it’s a deep and lucrative well!

We’ve talked about a lot of Resident Evil games, but what are our personal favorites? There’s some obvious answers of course. But in creating our Top 10s, we found just how diverse two people’s favorites in a series can be.

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I’d like to take a paragraph or two to thank everyone who has listened to Safe Room over the past 100 episodes. The podcast’s origin began with the idea of Resident Evil‘s save rooms/safe rooms. A place among the horror for reflection before trudging out into the nightmare once more. Over these 100 slices of horror chat, Jay and I have made a place for talking about horror games of all kinds in broader terms than ‘Is it scary?’ and couldn’t be more proud of that. We’re also very proud to be part of the Bloody FM network among some phenomenal horror shows of all shapes and sizes.

And a thank you to our guests is also due. It’s especially been a delight to have Bloody Disgusting writers and podcasters such as Reyna Cervantes, Prince Jackson, Harrison Abbott, Aaron Boehm, Rob Coakley, and Mike Wilson guest on the show in that time. All came on and showcased exactly why Bloody Disgusting can be a great place for horror insight.

We’ll be making some tweaks to the podcast in the near future, so look out for those! For now, you can go and tell us how wrong/terrible/ridiculous our Top 10 Resident Evil game lists are.

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