Make It Famous – Nate Soundz “Rapper With A Heart”

Indie artist, rapper and poet Nate Soundz gave up a lot for his career including his house. A retired army vet, dad, artist and master at the rhyme, Nate Soundz has an innate desire to help other artists through collaboration, advice, and any other way he possibly can.

A number of friends accidentally discovered his poetry hanging on his wall and suggested he put the rhyme to rap. Thus he learned to produce, he learned the beat and he began a recording career….all self-taught. Nate has a special thirst for learning and the quest to finish what he starts. He is an artistic visionary and can write a rap for nearly every occasion. Give him a topic and he can master a song.

With his unique type of genre bending rap, Nate Soundz also has the look. As the world shifts, he shapes himself to fit. There is a sophistication in his rhyme yet an orgasmic thrust that is unsustained by the threat of a pandemic. He knows that certainty is fleeting and that without failure there is no chance of a potential prize at the end of the ride. He knows that without risk there are no possibilities. He also knows that there is no point to joy without it being recorded.

It takes a single leap of faith to begin an adventure and Nate Soundz has taken that leap. He is an artist to be watched for in the near future. He captures the essence of a multi-chromatic kaleidoscope in his song and his rhyme. His time to shine comes with the new dawn……

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