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Set the Tone For Your Day With Luxe Lingerie From Australia’s Sevigne

This new lingerie brand believes a pretty foundation is key to feeling good in your skin.

Created for Sevigne 

If there was one major takeaway from this year’s hottest fashion trends (tie dye, elevated loungewear, fuzzy slippers, etc.), it’s that dressing for yourself and being comfortable is—and will most likely remain—a big priority.

But just because you’ve been opting for cozier, more laid-back pieces these days (sherpa and cashmere, anyone?) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for elevated and elegant underneath. Enter: Sevigne, a new luxury lingerie brand that’s making the case for dressing up for yourself—and only yourself—starting with your intimates. 

The female-owned Australian brand, which launched in Canada this month, was founded on the philosophy that lingerie should be refined, fit well and enhance your natural shape. Likewise, what you wear beneath your clothing is just as important as the clothing itself—after all, as co-founders Natalie and Mirela Bazina point out, it is the first thing you put on in the morning. “Lingerie allows the wearer an opportunity to express themselves privately and channel certain moods, whether it be playful or powerful,” Natalie says. In a sense, slipping on a gorgeous, well-made piece of lingerie can be considered a daily restorative act of self-care. 

Sevigne’s current lineup (starting from $29 and available at features an assortment of sophisticated bras and briefs, divided into two ranges which can be mixed, matched and worn for any occasion. The La Base collection consists of pieces designed for maximum support and comfort: Think flattering high-waisted briefs that enhance your waistline and the bestselling Rue T-Shirt bra, made with softly-padded cups.

The Premiere range is also constructed with support and comfort at the forefront, but features more delicate fabrics, like the brand’s signature lace and mesh in neutrals, as well as powder blue and blush pink. Standouts include the lightweight Bijou bikini bottom, and the elegant Esmee lace bra, which is equal parts comfortable and sexy, perfect for pairing under a cozy cable knit sweater during the evenings or a t-shirt during the day. 

Each piece is beautifully crafted with high quality fabrics and, notably, doesn’t come with the unnecessary bells and whistles commonly found in most mainstream lingerie. When conducting their research, the duo noticed that most bras on the market boast “super thick and uncomfortable padding,” which compromises the fit of the piece, explains Mirela. That said, Sevigne products come with minimal padding and are constructed with underwires to provide added support, allowing the wearer’s natural curves to shine through. “We believe in enhancing a woman’s unique silhouette rather than hindering it,” she says. 

But what makes Sevigne really stand out is its range of sizes. “Women are constantly bombarded by unrealistic images of what their bodies should look like,” says Natalie. “Ensuring that our collection represented all women was essential to the launch of Sevigne, so we carefully considered different styles and sizing to be as inclusive as possible.” That means bras ranging from an A to J cup, and bottoms from XS to 4XL. 

There’s also the fact that Mirela and Natalie hire women with realistic body types to model Sevigne’s wares. Because, despite it being 2020, some lingerie brands are still overtly sexualizing women and “portraying unrealistic body standards” that are restrictive and harmful, says Mirela. Sevigne, on the other hand, promotes accepting your body as it is; stretch marks, curves and all. 

Lingerie is intimate literally and figuratively, and should ultimately be for yourself and only yourself. “We want women to feel powerful and free to embrace who they are,” explains Natalie. “And we hope our lingerie has that effect on them.”