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Here’s What Astrology Has in Store for 2021

Photography by William Ukoh

We’re all very, very over the year 2020. The question is, will 2021 be any better? We spoke with Canadian astrologer Corina Crysler to glean some information about what the stars have in store for the year. Good news: If you’re hoping for some more stability, you could get it. “2021 is very different than 2020 in a lot of ways,” says Crysler, noting some rare astrological events going down at the end of this year, like the Great Conjunction where Saturn and Jupiter align for the first time in centuries, will usher in change – but you have to personally put in the work to reap the results. What does that look like? Read on for 2021 astrology predictions.

What’s the main astrological vibe of 2021?

In a few words: “Collective responsibility and collective healing,” says Crysler.

What should we be doing to prep for 2021?

“We’ve been on autopilot for so long – 2020 dismantled all of that. It’s taken us back to the basics in a lot of ways, and within that, you start understanding what’s important to you. There’s a lot of relationships that have fallen apart this year. There’s a lot of people changing their careers, moving out to the country, connecting and reconnecting with other people. We’re reevaluating how we’ve been living our lives.”

Chrysler uses this analogy to explain the difference between 2020 and 2021: “We’ve had this house, but it was kind of falling apart, and then 2020 knocked it down entirely. Now we’re building a new house with a stronger foundation, that’s going to last us a lot longer.”

If you didn’t put in the work in 2020 – journaling, meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices – when it comes to decide what the new house will look like (i.e. the new framework for our lives), you’re going to feel overwhelmed. Takeaway: take some time to reflect on the year, stat.

We’re now in the age of Aquarius. Is that good?

“There’s going to be two types of things that happen,” explains Crysler. “People that weren’t as affected this year, in 2020, who didn’t really look at the way they’ve been living their lives and what does and doesn’t make them happy, are going to feel it next year in 2021.” This is because we’re entering the age of Aquarius, folks. (Yes, just like the song.)

Exactly when this age started is a hotly debated topic amongst astrologers, but many believe it began on December 21, 2021 at the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Others think it started years ago. Aquarius is all about the collective: they’re not just here for themselves. In February 2021, many planets align in Aquarius, giving us lots and lots of Aquarius energy.

What else do we need to know to navigate this energy?

It’s important that people have patience and compassion for one another, says Crysler. “We have to pull together as a collective, otherwise nothing is going to change. If we step into our purpose and our authentic selves, that contributes to a stronger collective consciousness. As a world we need to do better, and we only do that by doing better ourselves.”

What else is going down in 2021?

The end of 2020 saw a solar eclipse in Sagittarius and 2021 will have a bunch as well. “It’s important to note that whatever’s happening at the end of this year is going to be a cycle; it’s going to come up significantly with the eclipses in 2021,” says Crysler. Eclipses are about purpose, fate and authenticity and Sagittarius is all about personal mastery – a big theme for 2021. It doesn’t matter what you’re a “master” of, says Crysler, it’s more about awareness that we’re learning and creating our own way.

“The overall energy is between Sagittarius and Aquarius, which is a big movement of fire and air. They move things quite quickly in the springtime. There’s a big retrograde cycle at the end of the summer as well, which will slow us down a little bit,” says Crysler.

At the end of 2021, Venus will go retrograde in Capricorn. “Venus retrograde is quite significant in terms of how we progress forward in who and what we love and the things that are really important and dear to us in our life.”

Will all these energies affect everyone in the same way?

No, and that’s why now is the best time to get an astrology reading if that’s something that interests you. “It’s one of the most important times to [get one],” says Crysler, not only because the end of the year, and it will flag the big shifts that are coming up in your life for 2021, but because of the massive transits that are happening, like moving from a strong Capricorn energy to a Aquarian energy. “It will happen in a certain house or two houses in your chart, and that’s where this energy is really going to influence your life.”

For example, if you have a lot of Aquarius or dominant air signs in your chart, you’re really going to need to ground yourself. “This could be getting out in the woods, taking a walk in the park, being near water, exercise – anything that brings you back into your body.”