Gary LeVox Explains Controversial Post About Nashville Bombing

Rascal Flatts singer Gary LeVox gave a radio interview on Wednesday morning (Dec. 30) to clarify his position about a controversial post he made to social media after the Nashville bombing on Christmas morning (Dec. 25), explaining that he’s simply asking questions about what might have taken place.

Investigators say that 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner packed his RV with explosives, parked it near Second Avenue North and Commerce Street in downtown Nashville in the early morning hours and blew it up, causing tremendous damage to a historic section of Music City.

Bizarre conspiracy theories have sprung up in the wake of Warner’s bombing attack, mostly centered around President Trump’s baseless claims of “election fraud” in the 2020 election that he lost to Joe Biden. The most prominent theory is that the bombing was actually a missile attack on Nashville to stop AT&T from auditing voting machines owned by Dominion, a company that has been repeatedly targeted by right-wing disinformation campaigns claiming its voting machines were used to help “rig” the election.

That’s what LeVox appeared to reference in his post, which consisted of a screenshot from a video that’s been posted online that purports to show “the real truth” about the bombing. The clip, which fact-checkers have concluded is doctored, attempts to show the RV on one side of the street, while the “impact site” is on the other, supposedly supporting the “missile” theory.

“HMMMMM???? It will b interesting to see what cover up happens with this crap! Let’s see what they come up with. What are your thoughts?” LeVox wrote in the now-deleted post, leading to a back-and-forth among his followers. One of those who commented was Rick Daniels, the host of Big Rick in the Morningand he welcomed LeVox by phone to his show on Wednesday to explain his posting, which Daniels reacted to by posting, “Sigh. Really Gary? Really?”

LeVox states that while he’s not a political conspiracy theorist and he doesn’t necessarily believe any one theory of the bombing, he has a lot of friends who are involved in the military and law enforcement, including friends who have actually been on the scene of the bombing in Nashville.

“It doesn’t make sense to them, either,” he says. Elsewhere in the interview, LeVox says, “Everything in 2020’s been a cover-up … it’s been a whole year of questions.”

While LeVox stops short of endorsing any conspiracy theory about the bombing, he expresses repeated doubts about the official story that’s been released. Noting the mental state one would have to be in to plan such an attack on Christmas morning, LeVox states, “Satan never sleeps. There’s just so much evil and so much craziness going on in this world right now. If you can pray, pray, ’cause this world needs a lot of it.”

The Nashville police, FBI and ATF are still investigating Warner’s motive for the bombing, but several media outlets have reported that they are looking at the possibility that Warner was paranoid about 5G technology and that his attack was directed at the AT&T building that sustained heavy damage in the explosion. According to other reports, Warner believed in another online conspiracy theory that states that “lizard people” are living among us and are bent on world domination.