David Spade Couldn’t Sound More Disappointed By His Mom’s Idea Of His Celebrity Look-Alike

David Spade Couldn’t Sound More Disappointed By His Mom’s Idea Of His Celebrity Look-Alike

It can be pretty amusing when two celebrities look enough alike to confuse people. Jesse Plemons, for instance, has said he’s been mistaken for Matt Damon, and the Vampire Diaries cast has a whole running joke about Paul Wesley looking like Justin Bieber. The entertainment industry is full of pretty people, after all, so if fans are going to get mixed up, at least the comparison is usually flattering. Apparently that’s not the case when it’s your mom, though, or David Spade’s mom to be exact. The Saturday Night Live veteran revealed who his mother said he looks like, and he could not sound more disappointed.

David Spade shared this peek into the mind of his mother on his Fly on the Wall podcast, where he explained how she came to the conclusion that her son resembled none other than Clint Eastwood. The Tommy Boy actor said:

My mom told me today – she’s visiting – she goes, ‘Oh, I like your beard like that. You know who you look like?’ And she can’t think of it. ‘He’s a little older, but he’s very good looking.’ And I go, ‘Right, right.’ And I’m like, ‘[George] Clooney? Brad Pitt?’ And then in the other room, she goes, ‘Clint Eastwood!’ I go, [makes unenthused expression]. She goes, ‘He’s older now, but he just doesn’t care. He’s got his hair. He’s got his beard.’ I go, ‘Mom, what the fuck? He’s 97.’ I go, ‘That’s me? That’s me?’ ‘Oh, he’s handsome. He’s a famous [star].’ I go, ‘Mhmm. Sure, mom, OK.’

That was certainly not where I would have thought the conversation was going, and apparently David Spade was just as surprised. But who knows a son better than his mother, right? So, does he resemble the four-time Oscar winner?

(Image credit: Fly on the Wall/YouTube/Warner Bros.)

Sorry, mom, I don’t really see it. Clint Eastwood stays clean-shaven for most of his professional work, so we don’t get the beard David Spade’s mom talked about, but I can see maybe a similar thing going on with their hair.

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