What does your star sign say about your queer identity?

What does your star sign say about your queer identity?

Many people check their horoscope to see what might happen in their love life, or to find out what the future holds for any bank balance, but what does your star sign say about the sort of queer person you are? Do the stars dictate our queer identities? Queer astrologist Deborah Roe believes so.

Roe, the founder of Queerstrology, tells PinkNews she began to focus on astrology about three years ago, when she realised “nobody was taking the gender identity out of astrology”.

Instead of using “masculine” and “feminine” signs and planets, Roe takes gender binary out of astrology, focusing on energy. 

The Arizona-based queerstrologer, who uses she/they pronouns, is popular on TikTok, where she has 92,000 followers. She shares the zodiac signs of queer legends and what they reveal about their lives and about them as people.

Astrology – the study of the zodiac – is a pseudoscience that offers observations about life. Here, Roe exclusively shares with PinkNews her observations about what each zodiac sign says about your queer identity.


According to Roe’s research, Aries is the sign with the most energy. Her studies have found that there is a 49 per cent chance of an Aries being queer.

“If you are an Aries, you’re most likely to take quick action and fight ferociously for other members of the LGBTQ+ community,” Roe says.  

Elton John, who recently addressed parliament about fully eradicating HIV by 2030, is an Aries.


If you’re a Taurus, you are probably known for your stoic attitude. There’s a 36 per cent chance of anyone born under this sign being queer, according to Roe.

“Due to knowing the value of being true to themselves, they can withstand a lot of backlash from others about their life choices,” the astrologer says.

Sam Smith, who came out as non-binary in 2019, is a true Taurus, “who in coming out cast aside the ideals of society, despite constant backlash”, she adds.


Gemini are the storytellers and have a 45 per cent chance of being queer.

“They will externally process their experiences of being LGBTQ+, speaking with friends, family, or the world, about how they got to where they are,” Roe says.

“An example of a queer Gemini is Boy George, who, despite the hostility faced in the 80s for his gender-fluid appearance, has continued to discuss and talk about it in the media.”


Cancerians have a deep emotional capacity and there’s a 30 per cent chance of anyone born under this sign being queer.

Roe says: “They tend to use feeling or the expression of feeling to try to understand the harshness of the world against LGBTQ+ community.”

George Michael was a prime example. His emotional singing connected society, challenged ideas about sexuality and captured painful yet universal truths about love and loss. 


Leos seek adoration for a job well done and have a 36 per cent chance of being queer.

“Creative and pleasure-seeking, they are the fiercely supportive of the ones they love, including their community,” Roe says.

DJ Sam Ronson, who identifies as gay, is a Leo.

“Ronson initially denied her sexuality not because she didn’t want folks to know, but because it would become the headline for who she is as a person,” Roe explains.


Virgos are often perfectionists, a trait that Roe says “makes them a bit anxious”. They have a 40 per cent chance of being queer.

“They may tend to come out later in life, while they work through society’s definition of ‘perfect’,” she adds.

VIrgo comedian Sue Perkins, who came out at the age of 28, said doing so made her feel as if she was going to throw up. 


A Libra seeks balance through understanding and there’s a 36 per cent chance of them being queer.

“Wanting to know all sides of a situation can often make it hard for Libras to decide. They’re always playing devil’s advocate,” Roe says.

Libra Ben Whishaw, who plays gay gadget genius Q in the Bond films, stated that getting the role felt ground-breaking – but also underwhelming – representation. The actor simply “does not believe” straight actors who play LGBTQ+ roles.


Scorpios are emotional investigators and have a 43 per cent chance of being queer.

Roe says: “The truth and the whole story are what they require and need. They tend to want to know everything about everyone but stay quiet about themselves.”

Tilda Swinton is a Scorpio, who, true to the sign, “casually states that she is queer, as if we all should have known”.


Sagittarius is the experienced sign and being one means there’s a 40 per cent chance of being queer.

Roe says: “They may come off as a ‘know-it-alls’ because of their wide range of experiences, travels, philosophy and spirituality. They tend to need independence and flexibility.”

Emma Corrin, known for their role as Princess Diana in Netflix’s The Crown, has openly discussed how they consider sexuality to be fluid and gender not fixed. 


Capricorn is the chief executive, according to Roe’s research. She says they have a 36 per cent chance of being queer.

“They actively look for efficient and effective ways to achieve their goals. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community is a job.”

Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney is a perfect example of a Capricorn.

“Mulvaney went from going viral for her gender transition series, 365 Days of Girlhoodto being named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list,” Roe points out.


Aquarius is the alien of the zodiac and Aquarians have a 36 per cent chance of being queer.

“They don’t tend to do things in a typical manner. They are playful and altruistic in their beliefs and want to show others it’s OK to be atypical,” says Roe.

A celebrity example is Harry Styles, who, Roe adds, “shrugs off speculation around his sexuality, dresses as he wishes and supports that we should celebrate uniqueness within one another”.


Pisces have an ability to see the unseen and have a 30 per cent chance of being queer.

“They tend to use their intuition to help drive their actions,” Roe says. “As the wisest of the signs, they encourage understanding and acceptance of others”.

Gay Great British Bake Off host Matt Lucas is a prime example of a Pisces. He has called out the LGB Alliance for polarising the community.

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