Rob Rinder and Rylan Clark’s travel show set to return

Rob Rinder and Rylan Clark’s travel show set to return

The hit travel BBC series featuring Rob Rinder and Rylan Clark travelling across Europe has apparently landed a second season.

Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour took Rinder, also a barrister, and former X Factor star Clark across Italy to visit Venice, Florence, and Rome.

The show followed the pair taking on the continent in the classic old ‘Grand Tour’ tradition of the 17th- to early 19th-centuries, following in the footsteps of British aristocrats, such as bisexual poet Lord Byron.

A TV insider has revealed to The Sun that a second series is in the works. They said: “It’s at the very early stages and the [BBC] haven’t fully signed off on the sequel.”

“But the team behind the show didn’t want to take a gap year before starting work again. So they are already looking at where Rob and Rylan’s next adventure could take them.”

Apparently the pair are looking at travelling to “Spain, Greece, or France” next, “looking for cultural enlightenment”.

Are Rob and Rylan a couple?

The short answer is “no, though the pair have grown close amid filming their travel series, even previously admitting to have seen each other naked.

Clark also recently said that they “started this process as mates” and have “finished it as actual genuine friends”.

“In Venice we stayed in separate accommodation. Then in Florence, it is the same accommodation but separate rooms, and by Rome, I am waking up with him on top of me like ‘Get off me barrister!’”

But despite accidentally fuelling these dating rumours and widespread speculation about their potential relationship, Clark and Rinder insist there is nothing going on between them.

Both men are currently single, with Clark splitting from his ex-husband Dan in 2021 after six years of marriage and Rinder splitting up with fellow barrister Seth Cummings in 2018.

Clark recently joked that even his mum, Linda Clark, is convinced that the pair are in a secret relationship.

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