‘No Alternative’ With Chris Ryan
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‘No Alternative’ With Chris Ryan

One of the greatest compilations of its time (the greatest time for compilations), No Alternative was the third in the Red Hot series benefiting AIDS relief. The lineup is studded with iconic artists, many on the precipice of their biggest records, from Soundgarden to Sarah McLachlan, and also features influential alternative greats like Buffalo Tom, the Verlaines, and Soul Asylum. It even spawned an MTV special with live performances from Smashing Pumpkins and Goo Goo Dolls, plus short films by the likes of Tamra Davis, Hal Hartley, and Derek Jarman. Plus, the biggest rock band in the world at the time contributed an uncredited song that, even without proper listing, became a huge part of the comp’s hype. We used to be a proper country indeed. The Ringer’s own Chris Ryan joins us to break down this important cultural artifact.

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Host: Yasi Salek
Guest: Chris Ryan
Producer: Jesse Miller-Gordon
Audio Editor: Adrian Bridges
Additional Production Supervision: Justin Sayles
Theme Song: Bethany Cosentino

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