Laughter after ‘jilted’ wedding drag queen snatches husband

Laughter after ‘jilted’ wedding drag queen snatches husband

Laughter after ‘jilted’ wedding drag queen snatches husband

Guests were left in fits of laughter after a “jilted” wedding drag queen snatched the husband-to-be away at the ceremony.

Wedding photographer Michelle White captured the hilarious moment on TikTok, which saw a bride and groom standing at the top of the aisle watching on as a wedding drag queen marched towards them holding a bouquet. 

The spotlight stealer was clad in a wedding frock, veil and impressively tall stilettos. The jealous queen wiped the tears from her eyes with a handkerchief as Yvonne Fair’s 1975 track “It Should Have Been Me” played in the background. 

The UK-based drag artist, known as Dixie Normous, then hilariously grabbed the groom by the hand removing him from his actual bride to the cheers and laughter of the wedding guests. 

The pair stopped halfway down the aisle, where Dixie pointed at the bride and gave her the evils. She then took a seat alongside the crowd to catch her breath before calling the supposed love of her life back to his bride. 

Onlookers in the comments praised the drag artist for the skit, with one saying: “I like that, that’s a good idea. It’s original as funny and it’s cute.”

“Hilarious. My daughter is getting married in August and I want to set this up for her wedding. She would find it so funny,” another added.

“That was hilarious!! So appropriate for creating a wedding atmosphere!! Happy married life to you both!”, a different social media user penned.

“The best ceremony interruption we’ve ever seen,” commented wedding inspiration page Country House Weddings. 

Dixie is known for hosting drag bingo nights, heading up wedding after-party entertainment, and is no stranger to wedding ceremony set-ups after a pinned “It Should’ve Been Me!” video in a church got mixed reactions from guests. 

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