David Tennant and Dannii Minogue join trans youth campaign

David Tennant and Dannii Minogue join trans youth campaign

The Trans Youth Are Loved campaign has been supported by Ella Morgan, David Tennant and Danni Minogue.

A campaign to show trans+ youth love has been supported by more than 40 celebrities, including Dannii Minogue, Will Young, Ella Morgan and David Tennant. 

The #TransYouthAreLoved global solidarity campaign was launched by the founder of Trans+ Solidarity Alliance, Jude Guaitamacchi, DIVA executive director Nancy Kelley, and Paramount’s commissioning editor, Kit Morey. 

In a bid to amplify a collective voice of support, the campaign is calling on everyone to give trans+ youth hope and show them that they’re loved. 

Last year, LGBTQ+ young people’s charity Just Like Us found that 78 per cent of trans youth were bullied at school, while nine in 10 were having suicidal thoughts. The Home Office admitted that a rise in hate crimes against trans people in the UK was potentially being fuelled by politicians‘ comments.

In her support video, Minogue, the host of I Kiss A Boy and follow-up I Kissed A Girl, said: “This is a message for trans youth: you’re loved. You’re loved so much [by] people near and far, [by] people who you’ve never even met. 

“You belong and you deserve to thrive from all that love that’s been given to you from right here,” she added, with her hand across her heart. 

‘You deserve to celebrate and be yourselves’

Doctor Who star Tenant, who has consistently backed the transgender community and recently told those with anti-trans views to “f**k off and let people be”, simply said in his video: “Trans youth are loved.” 

Comedian and actor Suzy Eddie Izzard, who recently revealed that she knew she was trans at the age of five, said: “Let me assure you, trans youth are loved and have the right to be themselves.” 

Singer-songwriter and actor Young said: “This is a message for all trans youth: you deserve to celebrate and be yourselves.” 

Married at First Sight’s Morgan, who recently criticised the Cass Report for failing to listen to transgender people, said: “Trans youth, I love you. Your trans brother and sisters love you, keep on being you, be your authentic, fabulous self and never give up.” 

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