‘Longlegs’ Poster – Nicolas Cage Stares Directly into Your Soul
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‘Longlegs’ Poster – Nicolas Cage Stares Directly into Your Soul

Filmmaker Patrick Rea (I Am Lisa, Nailbiter, They Wait in the Dark, the upcoming The Night Is Young) is back with new horror film Super Happy Fun Clown, which is actually a feature adaptation of a short that recently screened at Panic Fest and Nightmares Film Festival.

Production on Super Happy Fun Clown has wrapped and Bloody Disgusting has been provided with a gallery of exclusive first look images from the film. Check them out below.

In the film, “Jennifer Sullivan (Jennifer Seward) works a menial, low-paying job. Her mother and slovenly husband (Dan Daly) emotionally abuse her, rubbing her nose in her perceived failures. Her only comforts in life are her side gig entertaining people at a local park as “Jenn-O the Clown,” and her friendship with her coworker, Ryan (Tim Shelburne).

“Watching her dreams of fortune and glory slowly fade away, Jennifer decides to embrace the mantra that infamy equals immortality. She combines her love of clowning, serial killers and classic movie monsters into a night of bloody horror the world will never forget. That is, unless Detectives Marshall (Nicole Hall) and Barnes (Matt Leisy) can put a stop to her rampage.”

Deborah Madick and Violet Rea also star.

Super Happy Fun Clown is written and executive produced by Eric Winkler (I Am Lisa), based on the aforementioned short film that was also written by Eric Winkler.

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