I Kissed a Girl’s Amy on show’s messy end: ‘Emotions were high’

I Kissed a Girl’s Amy on show’s messy end: ‘Emotions were high’

I Kissed a Girl’s Amy has told PinkNews about how the series changed her and why the show got so messy towards its conclusion. And then there are those boots…

After leaving the masseria, social media manager Amy spoke to PinkNews all about her time on the series, which launched on 5 May with 11 single women entering the Italian masseria in the hopes of finding the partner of their dreams.

Asked if she’s still mostly femme presenting, she said: “I honestly say that my time in the masseria changed my perception of what is masculine and what is feminine. It’s less of what you put out to the world and more of who you are inside.”

She’s “definitely more of an energy person” now, which, she joked, can be controversial because her star sign is taurus, but she loves a sagittarius.

Amy never takes off those boots

When asked if her famous boots ever come off, she replied: “No they don’t, darling, I’m wearing them right now. They basically live on my feet, they’re moulded to me.” 

Turning to why the show got so messy towards the end, she added: “It was almost inevitable, lots of lesbians in one room, lots of queer women in one room. Emotions were high, Fiorenza was such a big part of the masseria and our journey in there.” 

‘It’s a lot more raw and intense’

The difference between I Kiss a Girl and I Kissed a Boy, Amy believes, is the difference between the gay and sapphic communities in general. The former show was a “lot more raw and intense”, she added.

“We are so emotional as girlies and we all wear our hearts on our sleeves, we all feel everything so deeply, and fall so quickly, then move on so quickly.

Speaking to Radio Times at the start of the show, Amy said: “I can only imagine the sense of validation and belonging that me and my sisters would have felt had we had this kind of representation growing up.”

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