Ryan Reynolds Brought His Mom To The View, And The Video Is Cute Enough To Make Deadpool Blush

Ryan Reynolds is a massive movie star, an incredibly shrewd businessman and a humorous verbal, sparring partner for Hugh Jackman. Aside from all that though, he’s also a man who loves his mother. Over the years, the wickedly funny Canadian actor has spoken about his mom, Tamara Lee Reynolds, and expressed his admiration for her. He’s even made a few playful jokes about her as well. Reynolds seems to be a good son, and I’d say that he just earned some major brownie points. That’s because he recently took his mama to taping of The View, and there’s a video of their outing that’s enough to make Reynolds’ Deadpool blush. 

The mother-and-son duo were among the audience members who were in attendance for the show’s Monday, June 10, episode. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg humorously pointed the two out to the crowd, noting the unexpected nature of their presence. Goldberg then asked what brought the two of them to the studio, and the Adam Project actor explained. As it turns out, Mrs. Reynolds was in New York from Vancouver to see her grandchildren. During her visit, she told her son that it was her dream to go see The View being taped. And, lo and behold, the A-lister made it happen. Check out their visit in the delightful video below, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself unconsciously saying “aw”: 

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