What is a ‘boy mum’? The divisive term and TikTok trend explained

A series of TikTok videos are featuring self-labelled “boy mums” explaining why they love their sons more than they do their daughters. Yes, really.

But by speaking out about the connection they share with their sons, which they argue is different to that with their daughters, boy mums are at risk of displaying favouritism.

One mum influencer, Avery Woods, posted a video in which she said her son has her heart and soul.

Pointing out that she is “obviously obsessed” with her daughter, Woods went on to say: “But my whole life I always wanted to be a boy mom. My son has my heart. My heart and my soul.”

Influencer mum faces backlash over boy mum post

The video has sparked a backlash with many users voicing their sympathy for Woods’ daughter.

Meanwhile, one mother shared her experience of being an estranged boy mum, following a conflict with her daughter-in-law.

Using the handle @fred_mom, the mother speaks about why she’s estranged and says “all boy moms are at a disadvantage when they have a daughter-in-law”.

A trending audio which says “you’ll be his first kiss, you’ll be his first love” is also all over TikTok and features mothers sharing clips of their first smooch with their baby boy.

‘Incredibly incestuous’

While many are choosing to use the hashtag boy mum, others are steering clear of it, with one posting on her TikTok that she found it “incredibly incestuous” to think in such a way.

In another ‘boy mum’ trend, mothers show their sons how they cook so they won’t be impressed by the kitchen skills of any future partner.

But a number of responses say boys should be taught so they can survive and help their partners.

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