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‘Clipped,’ ‘Traitors’ Season 3 Cast, and the ‘Baldwins’ Announcement

First things first: Chelsea gives two updates on last week’s obsessions—her further research on the 7M cult and all the social media posts that have been made about it and the current state of J.Lo’s affairs (1:50). Then they get online and dive deep into the newly announced epic and strange Season 3 cast of The Traitors (14:00). Plus, they get on their Hater’s Corner soapbox to denounce the dark-sided news from TLC that it has green-lit a reality show about Hilaria and Alec Baldwin and their seven children called The Baldwins, which is sure not to be fun for the whole family (32:15). Then Jodi tries to convince Chelsea to watch Godzilla Minus One, which surprisingly dropped on Netflix this weekend (43:00). Finally, they break down the first two episodes of FX’s soapy new series following the Donald Sterling Clippers saga, Clipped (50:08), before sharing their personal obsessions of the week (1:08:00).

Hosts: Jodi Walker and Chelsea Stark-Jones
Producer: Sasha Ashall

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