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Why Jana Kramer Feels “Embarrassment” Ahead of Allan Russell Wedding

“I’m now grateful for the love that I do have now, but I did not want to get divorced,” she explained. “I do want love, you know? That’s the piece is too, like, even just with the upcoming wedding, there’s embarrassment with it that people don’t know the whole story. They just see a headline.”

Because behind the headline, Jana emphasized, is her hard-earned fairytale ending. 

“I feel in my soul that I have my happily ever after,” she said. “And I’m so grateful now for those past relationships that have led me to Allan.”

And Allen proven he’s fully embraced his new blended family. When the 43-year-old popped the question in May 2023, six and a half months into his and Jana’s relationship, he made sure to include her kids in the sweet moment. 

“It was a really beautiful night,” the country singer gushed of her proposal on Whine Down at the time. “We were all sitting on the porch of the steps and looking out at the view, it’s stunning. And he said my name and I got up or whatever and he got down on one knee and then Jolie just started jumping up and down, it was the cutest thing ever, it was like she knew what was happening.”

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