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Singer Spotlight: Gina Zollman

Gina Zollman, a Palm Springs-based singer/songwriter, is reigniting her entertainment career on stages throughout the West Coast. The California native started singing at 6 years old, performing regularly through school, and received a BA in Linguistics with a minor in Music from UCSD Revelle College. Upon graduation, she excelled in the corporate world as a high-profile stockbroker and then as Vice President and COO of Flame Gard, a company that revolutionized kitchen safety.

However, Zollman’s passion for showbiz led her to quit her job and pursue a singing career. Her marketing background helped her sell out her first one-woman show at The Gardenia in Hollywood. She took a class at UCLA Extension, taught by renowned pianist and songwriter Shelly Markham, who would become her accompanist and Music Director for many shows.

To add humor to her performances, Zollman created funny characters like “Svetlana, the Russian Runway Model Who Ran Away”, “Shmarilyn”, the illegitimate daughter of Marilyn Monroe and JFK, “Mambo”, motherhood’s send-up of “Rambo”, “Maxine, The Mall Reporter”, and “The PMS Poster Woman”. She auditioned for “In Living Color” and appeared in various roles, including co-starring in “LA Young Pal” as a singing nightclub owner.

Zollman’s unique performances, including operatic renditions of R&B hits on “The New Gong Show”, earned her membership in the Screen Actors Guild. She also performed at Carnegie Hall with “The Marina Singers”. After losing and regaining weight multiple times, she underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1997, losing 120 pounds and keeping it off for over 24 years.

Despite surviving Stage 3 colon cancer, a stroke, and other health setbacks, Zollman has maintained her sense of humor. Her current show, “Anywhere With You”, combines love and comedy, reflecting on her life experiences. She has performed at numerous notable venues, including The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Cinegrill, The Comedy Store, The Improv, and The Catalina Jazz Club.

Zollman also originated roles at The NoHo London Music Hall and studied acting at The Actor’s Center. Her CD album, “Gina Zollman: Anywhere with You”, produced by Steven Applegate and recorded at Capitol Records, features a compilation of standards.

She splits her time between Southern California and Point Roberts, Washington state, living 7 months of the year near Vancouver, British Columbia.

For more information, visit her official website and stream her album “Anywhere with You” on Spotify.