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Sci-fi Movie ‘Coherence’ Getting a Sequel 10 Years Later

Do you know what’s real? Do you know who to trust? Director James Ward Byrkit’s sci-fi thriller Coherence was released back in 2013, and a follow-up movie is on the way.

Deadline reports that James Ward Byrkit and producer Kate Andrews (It’s What’s Inside) are developing “a feature follow-up to Coherence,” with Byrkit returning to write and direct.

Deadline notes in today’s exclusive report, “Plot details are being kept under lock and key — including whether the new film will be a prequel, sequel, or a different story entirely.”

James Ward Byrkit will write the screenplay alongside Alex Manugian.

He tells Deadline, “I’ve been inundated with pitches for sequels and offers for remakes ever since the film came out but nothing ever inspired us until Kate Andrews sent me an email with two words that unlocked the box. So either Kate’s a genius or she’s from a parallel reality where Alex and I already wrote this and she’s pitching us our own movie.”

In Coherence, a comet passes overhead during a dinner party among eight friends, unleashing a strange chain of events. Meagan Navarro recently wrote here on Bloody Disgusting, “A less-is-more cerebral sci-fi thriller, Coherence manipulates time to weave a mind-bending story that focuses on how the decisions we make define us.”

Meagan’s article on the sci-fi movie continued, “The choices these characters tend to make are as frustrating as they are fascinating. Starring Emily Baldoni as the lead protagonist, relationships buckle under the weight of reality’s fluidity, creating tension and an unsettling atmosphere. If you’re a fan of solving puzzles, this pick is for you.”

You can watch the original trailer for Coherence (2013) below.

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