J.K. Rowling Claims Public Critics Of Her Transgender Views Have Supported Her Privately

Ever since its introduction as a series of novels, the Harry Potter franchise has been wildly popular, eventually spanning movies (which can be streamed with a Max subscription), theme parks, and even Broadway. But in recent years author J.K. Rowling has been at the heart of controversy, specifically related to her views about the transgender community. And recently she claimed public critics of her transgender views have supported her privately.

Over the years a number of Harry Potter figures have responded to Rowling’s comments, and instead voiced their support for the transgender community. That includes Daniel Radcliffe, who first used his voice in 2020 and hasn’t stopped since. But according to the author, some folks have done an about face and checked on her after speaking out publicly. In part of her new book The Women Who Wouldn’t Wheesht (via Deadline), she claimed:

People who’d worked with me rushed to distance themselves from me or to add their public condemnation of my blasphemous views. In truth, the condemnation of certain individuals was far less surprising to me than the fact that some of them then emailed me, or sent messages through third parties, to check that we were still friends.

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