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‘The First Omen’ Now Available at Home; Unravel “The Mystery of Margaret” With This Featurette Clip

After scaring up $53 million at the worldwide box office, director Arkasha Stevenson’s prequel The First Omen is available for Digital purchase ($19.99) at home beginning today.

The First Omen is available to own at digital retailers such as Apple TV, Prime Video and Fandango at Home. It also arrives on Hulu May 30 and comes to Blu-ray and DVD July 30.

Certified-Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, The First Omen comes with never-before-seen bonus extras on the May 28th digital release and also on the Blu-ray/DVD release arriving July 30.

Additionally, the Limited edition Blu-ray and DVD packages include collectible artwork and special edition packaging designed to celebrate the legacy of The Omen franchise.

One of the bonus features included with the release is titled “The Mystery of Margaret,” and you can watch an exclusive sneak peek clip from that featurette down below.

Director Arkasha Stevenson explains, “When I first read the script, one of the biggest reasons I wanted to be part of the project was because of the character of Margaret (Nell Tiger Free). There’s a lot going on with his woman, and there’s so much backstory to this character.”

The First Omen is an exceptional expansion on a classic, earning rave reviews across the board and impressing all of us here at Bloody Disgusting. Meagan Navarro wrote in her review, “Thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship on display, beguiling Gothic horror, an impeccable cast, and an emotional journey that packs a wallop, The First Omen stands strong on its own.”

“Arkasha Stevenson doesn’t just helm a prequel worthy of Richard Donner’s classic but establishes herself as a bold new voice in horror,” Meagan’s 4-star review for BD continued.

In the film, “When a young American woman is sent to Rome to begin a life of service to the church, she encounters a darkness that causes her to question her own faith and uncovers a terrifying conspiracy that hopes to bring about the birth of evil incarnate.”

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