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Seann William Scott to Cough up Major Cash in Divorce Settlement

Scott agreed to pay a substantial sum to resolve all disputes between him and his ex-spouse.

Actor Seann William Scott has finalized his divorce from Olivia Korenberg at a hefty price. The American Pie actor’s dissolution of marriage was approved by a judge, according to legal documents obtained by The Blast. As part of the judgment, the parties activated their single status and settled their differences according to a prenuptial agreement.

The court documents indicate that a judge accepted Scott’s and Korenberg’s divorce over irreconcilable differences. The legal umpire approved the divorce settlement on May 21, but the pair’s single status will not become official until August 21, 2024.

For other issues, such as property division and expenses, they signed a prenuptial agreement before their September 2019 wedding. Both agreed the agreement was “valid and enforceable in all aspects,” the outlet reports.

According to the former couple, Scott had “voluntarily paid various funds” to Korenberg since the couple had separated last October, which would have been designated as spousal support. Scott, however, agreed to pay Korenberg $1 million to resolve all disputes between them, including the waivers of spousal support.

“Respondent shall receive said sum and the assets awarded to her in this Judgment, in full satisfaction of any and all rights or claims she may have,” the document explained. In addition to paying Korenberg, Scott is also required to pay $6,000 a month in child support for their minor child, Frankie Rose Scott.

The payments started on April 1, 2024, and will continue until further orders from the Court or until the child reaches 18, dies, or marries. However, Scott and Korenberg are expected to cover half of “all reasonable ordinary, unreimbursed, or uninsured medical and dental healthcare costs,” reports The Blast.

The parents are also responsible for paying one-half of “any agreed-upon private school tuition, tutoring expenses, summer camp expenses, and any other mutually agreed upon reasonable expenses for the minor child.” Korenberg and Scott were granted joint legal and physical custody of their child. “[The Parties] agree that it is in the child’s best interest not to be away from either parent more than three consecutive days, if possible,” the documents explained.

In the documents, Scott and Korenberg acknowledged their commitment to maintaining a cordial co-parenting relationship. They agree that their child benefits from spending quality time with both of them, including any potential lovers.

“Each party acknowledges and agrees that he/she shall introduce to the other party any significant other that either party intends to introduce to the parties’ minor child and have the minor child spend significant time with said significant other,” their agreement read. In addition, they also agreed to refer any co-parenting issues to a mental health professional specializing in child custody disputes.

Moreover, documents show Scott owed Korenberg’s attorney $10,000 in unpaid counsel fees and costs incurred during the divorce proceedings. It was noted that Scott had previously paid Korenberg’s team $25,000 in legal fees and costs; however, he wasn’t entitled to any reimbursement. Instead, he will avoid paying any more legal fees, according to the outlet

In terms of property division, Scott got his clothes, jewelry, and miscellaneous personal effects. He also kept all his real estate properties, bank accounts, and cars throughout and after the marriage.

Additionally, Korenberg kept her household furniture, personal belongings, and assets in her name, as well as all earnings and accumulations accumulated during and after her marriage. Scott filed for divorce from Korenberg in February, after four years of marriage.

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