Now That Horror Sequel 28 Years Later Is Filming, Let’s Talk Theories About Jodie Comer’s Character

Though it’s been “only” 22 years since director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Alex Garland teamed up on one of the best horror movies of all-time, 28 Days Later, they’ve reteamed anew for the highly anticipated sequel 28 Years Later. Now fully in production on the way to its eventual 2025 release, the upcoming horror flick has still only unveiled a limited number of details for what fans can expect, including character info for its previously announced cast.

But what if that all-around lack of information was as telling as a two-sentence synopsis? Specifically when it comes to Killing Eve vet and The Bikeriders stars Jamie Comer’s character, who was revealed to have signed on for 28 Years Later alongside rumored James Bond candidate Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ralph Fiennes, with Jack O’Connell’s addition and Cillian Murphy’s return confirmed in the ensuing weeks. Jim being back is key to my biggest theory about Comer’s storyline, so let’s dive in.

Could Jodie Comer Be Playing 28 Days Later Survivor Hannah?

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