Machine Gun Kelly dedicates carving to Megan Fox’s miscarriage

Machine Gun Kelly appeared to address his miscarriage with Megan Fox with the project. (Getty)

Machine Gun Kelly has dedicated a wood carving for his and Megan Fox’s miscarried pregnancy. 

Trigger warning: This article discusses pregnancy loss.

On 24 May, the 34-year-old musician took to TikTok to share his latest project: Creating a Norwegian ship out of a block of wood. His 2022 song “Last November” – which is thought to address his devastating miscarriage with Fox – played in the background.

The carving appeared to be an emotional tribute to their lost pregnancy, following the awful experience he and his former fiancée endured. MGK wrote in the caption: “my first wood carving. for a special soul that will be found again.”

Fox spoke out about her pregnancy loss in 2023, after addressing her miscarriage in two of the poems featured in her collection, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. Fox was at 10 weeks gestation when she sadly miscarried.

Speaking with Good Morning America about her pregnancy loss for the first time, she said: “I’ve never been through anything like that in my life.

“I have three kids, so it was very difficult for both of us and it sent us on a very wild journey together and separately…trying to navigate, ‘What does this mean?’ and ‘Why did this happen?’”

Kelly previously dedicated a performance of his track “Twin Flame” at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards to “our unborn child”, and told the audience that he “wrote this song for my wife”.

In a zine written about his 2022 album Mainstream Sellout, Kelly wrote: “The second part of [‘Twin Flame’]…started as a song called “One Day and 10 Weeks”. Then I made a song called “Last November”.

Neither expressed the sadness we experienced from what I will leave private, and I circled back to [“Twin Flame”] and decided to add on to the story. Our story.”

If this story has affected you, call or text the M + A Hotline for miscarriage and abortion support from a clinician between 8 am EST to 1 am EST on 1-833-246-2632.

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