Ben Affleck Was Previously Seen With His Wedding Ring Still On. Allegedly, That’s Not The Whole Story

When celebrities are allegedly going through a tough time, insiders  come out of the woodworks to make details known. When that happens, fans often look for clues about trouble in paradise. So has been true about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship timeline in recent weeks as rumors have swirled and fans have looked for updates. JLo appearing solo on red carpets? Trouble in paradise. Jennifer Garner visiting Ben Affleck? More commentary. 

No matter that Ben Affleck has been busy filming The Accountant 2 while JLo does press for Atlas. No matter that Garner and Affleck’s daughter graduated from high school last week, giving the former couple every reason to need to be in communication. Appearances can be deceiving, and while oppositely the two actors were spotted still wearing their wedding rings a week ago, there’s allegedly more to the story surrounding that moment too. Let’s unpack it.

What’s Reportedly Been Going On With Ben And JLo

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