Is Francesca Bridgerton Asexual? Bridgerton storyline explained

Series three sees Francesca Bridgerton making her debut into society. (Netflix)

Dearest gentle reader, season three of Bridgerton is upon us, and esteemed fans of the ton are convinced that Francesca Bridgerton could be asexual. 

Warning: Bridgerton season three spoilers ahead.

The first four episodes of season three of the Netflix period drama have arrived, fit with enough societal balls, classical pop song covers and scandals to shake a stick at. 

While all members of the series navigate their own narrative, fans are once again wondering whether this series has already hinted at some LGBTQ+ representation. Of course, the series spin-off Queen Charlotte has already cemented an LGBTQ+ romance with the on-screen gay love story between Brimsley and Reynolds.

The new season shines a spotlight on Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton’s friends-to-lovers storyline, as well as the Queen’s latest “sparkler”, Francesca (played by new actress Hannah Dodd). But unlike her brother realising his true feelings for Penelope on his own, Francesca needs a bit of encouragement to find her husband.

Francesca Bridgerton and her suitor Lord John Stirling prefer to sit in silence. (Netflix)

Francesca meets Lord Samadani, whom Queen Charlotte wants her diamond to marry. However, the pianist’s shy demeanour and love for music appear to be a better match for the more reserved Lord John Stirling, who also shows his interest in Francesca. 

Rather than getting to know each other through the traditional method of, well, talking, the pair prefer to sit in silence next to each other. Her pragmatic view on marriage is simply something which one must do to move on to the next stage of her life so that she can continue to play her piano. 

Is Francesca Bridgerton asexual?

Many believe that her lack of desire for any of her suitors could hint at her being a part of the asexual community. “Francesca to me is sooo asexual representation, but obviously without a love story she doesn’t get a season,” one viewer wrote on X (formerly Twitter), while another added: “As someone who is a romantic asexual, I can’t help but see Francesca and John as fellow romantic asexuals as well.

“I can’t help it,” they continued. “I kept seeing myself in both of them and how they navigate their relationship. It’s not about sex with them… It’s just romance.”

But those who have read the Bridgerton series by author Julia Quinn will know the book When He Was Wicked centres around Francesca marrying John, before being romanced by his cousin, Michael. 

Michael falls in love with Francesca just before her wedding to John but doesn’t make any advances until her husband passes away two years later. 

In short, there are many love scenes with Francesca and her new man to come if the Netflix series continues to follow the books’ suit. Could this make Francesca demi-sexual? We’ll have to wait and see. 

The first half of Bridgerton season three is streaming now on Netflix. Part two arrives on the streaming site on 13 June.

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