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‘House of the Dragon,’ ‘Rings of Power,’ and Interviewing Adrien Brody

Chris and Andy discuss standing ovation culture at the Cannes Film Festival (01:29), and Bob Iger’s admission that he tried to tell too many stories at the start of streaming (05:47). They talk about the many prequels being announced, starting with Dune: Prophecy (12:31), as well as the companies’ commitment to getting a return on investment for their IP. They then get into the trailers for Season 2 of The Rings of Power and House of Dragon (17:25), and the renewal of 3 Body Problem (29:53) and Mr. and Mrs. Smith (45:26). They also express their excitement over new stories being told that aren’t ancillary projects. Later, they note their disappointment in the safe choices made in Big Cigar (49:26). Finally, they interview Adrien Brody on his roles in Winning Time and Succession (58:57).

Hosts: Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald
Guest: Adrien Brody
Producers: Kaya McMullen and Olivia Crerie

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