5 Reasons Why I Desperately Want A Biopic About The Fugees

Happy Haitian Heritage Month! Though I’m not Haitian myself, if there’s any group that instantly comes to my mind when I think about Haiti, it’s The Fugees. 

I remember watching The Fugees in Haiti on MTV, as Wyclef Jean was born in Haiti, Pras is Haitian-American, and they considered Lauryn Hill to be Haitian by association. And, let me tell you, if you were a ‘90s kid like myself, then you definitely have at least some feelings for The Fugees since they were MASSIVE back then. I’m talking absolutely seismic. 

As a collective, they only had two albums–1994’s Blunted on Reality, and their megahit, 1996’s The Score. That said, even with only two albums under their belts, they’re still one of the biggest hip-hop groups of all time. I’ve already discussed how I’m excited for the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic, and now, I’m (desperately) wishing into existence The Fugees biopic. Because come on now, who doesn’t want to hear “Fu-Gee-La” on the big screen?  

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I, And Many Fans, Would Love To See How Wyclef, Pras, And Lauryn Hill First Connected In New Jersey 

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