Love Lies Bleeding Ending Explained: Unpacking The WTF Scenes And Why Perception Is Key

Love Lies Bleeding pumps you full of adrenaline and leaves you scratching your head by the end. It’s a sexy, violent, and a little bit mad movie. It’s one of the great neo-noir crime flicks. Kristen Stewart gives another great performance in Love Lies Bleeding, and Katy M. O’Brian is equally enthralling in this breakout role. Love Lies Bleeding is hilarious at times with its surreal look at crime, love, and bodybuilding. The film has many WTF moments but the Love Lies Bleeding ending might be the biggest one. 

It borders the lines of reality and fantasy with an ending that escalates, cools down, escalates, and ends on a perfect final image. The Love Lies Bleeding ending ties up the movie but leaves a lot of questions that make you wonder what’s real and what’s fantasy.  Let’s dig into it.

Warning Love Lies Bleeding spoilers are ahead. Proceed with caution. 

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What Happened At The End Of Love Lies Bleeding 

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