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David Beckham Sues Mark Wahlberg-Backed Fitness Company

It’s David Beckham versus Mark Wahlberg.

The soccer star’s firm DB Ventures filed a lawsuit against the fitness organization F45 Training, which is backed by the actor, in April 2023, Today reports while citing court documents obtained by NBC News.

Per a copy of the complaint reviewed by outlet, Beckham formed a five-year agreement with F45 Training in 2020 to help it grow before it went public in July 2021—such as by sharing social media posts about the brand that have since been deleted. 

Today, citing the complaint, reports that F45 Training agreed to pay Beckham $1.5 million a year for his services as well as company stock that would be offered to him six months and then 12 months after its public offering. 

However, attorneys for Beckham’s DB Ventures allege that F45 Training didn’t hold up its end of the bargain and that it didn’t transfer and register the shares of stock until about eight months after the date the parties agreed to despite Beckham’s attorneys sending several letters asking for this issue to be corrected, Today reports citing the court documents.

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