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Chart-Topping Success: ‘BINGO BABY’ Rides the Wave of Musical Triumph

In the midst of widespread praise and recognition, “BINGO BABY” persists in its remarkable ascent, clinching esteemed positions including:

  1. No.1 Movers & Shakers New Release on Amazon Music
  2. No.1 Electronic Dance Best Sellers on Amazon Music
  3. No.1 LE Buzz Chart on DJ Buzz Promo
  4. No.2 on Ireland’s iTunes Pop Chart
  5. No.15 on USA’s iTunes Dance Chart
  6. No.21 on UK’s iTunes Dance Chart
  7. Amassing over 105,000 plays on SoundCloud

Experience the official video of “Bingo Baby” by Ashley Paul, Luv Foundation, and Ritchie Neville below:


Exciting News Alert! Get Ready for “BLINDFOLDED” by Ashley Paul & Luv Foundation (UK), Available for Pre-Order April 2024!


Prepare to be immersed in the ethereal soundscape of “BLINDFOLDED.” This upcoming masterpiece, crafted with an EDM flair, takes listeners on a journey from haunting introspection to euphoric crescendos. Composed by Ashley Paul, Luv Foundation (UK), and BMI Award-Winning songwriter Gerina Di Marco, “BLINDFOLDED” guarantees to enthrall with its diverse sonic range and unparalleled quality.

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