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Lore-Filled ‘Bendy: Secrets of the Machine’ Available Now For Free on Steam

Having already been released to Steam, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch, the wait is almost over for PlayStation owners wanting Poncle’s Vampire Survivors. The hit roguelike will be heading to Sony’s console later this summer. In addition, a new DLC will be coming to Vampire Survivors next month in the form of a crossover with Konami’s Contra series in Operation Guns!

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns will launch May 9 across PC and consoles, and will head to the PlayStation version once it’s been released. The DLC will sport 11 new characters, including classic Contra mainstays Bill and Lance, characters from Contra: Hard Corps, and even Bill and Lance’s counterparts in Probotector!

The DLC will also feature a new stage called Neo Galuga, a new bonus stage, as well as 22 weapons from the series, including the iconic Spread Shot. The DLC will be topped off with 13 music tracks directly from the Contra series, as well as six brand new covers.

“This was yet another dream come true for many in our team, so thank you all for your continued support and making this a reality,” reads the update from Poncle.

As for the PlayStation port, Poncle says that Vampire Survivors will see a release on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. “We’re doing the ports ourselves just like the others, so we took our sweet time to get here, but in this way we can keep the low price and the parity of content, so it’s better in the long term.” Though there are no promises, the team hopes to have cross-save publicly available by the time the game is out this summer.

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