That Time Matthew McConaughey Confirmed To Reese Witherspoon He’s Constantly Asked If He’s In Sweet Home Alabama

Yeehaw! There’s no denying that even over two decades later, Sweet Home Alabama is still one of the best 2000s movies to indulge in. What’s more is that hearing news about the cute movie today makes the viewing experience even better. And the latest hilarious update comes by way of its leading lady, Reese Witherspoon. The powerhouse producer and actress recently spoke about the movie and revealed that it’s been a collective experience for people to mistake Matthew McConaughey as her Sweet Home co-star (I’m definitely one of them).

While speaking to People, the Legally Blonde star spoke in depth about some of the best movies she’s been part of, including Cruel Intentions and Walk the Line. When she got to Sweet Home, Reese Witherspoon couldn’t help but to grin while talking about the funny case of a mistaken identity. And, according to her, Matthew McConaughey himself confirmed that after all this time, people still go up to him, asking if he was in the rom-com. She said:

All I want to say about Sweet Home Alabama is that is not Matthew McConaughey. I know a lot of people think it’s Matthew. Matthew always says, ‘Everybody always comes up to me and says, ‘Are you in Sweet Home Alabama?” And I’m not.’ I’m like, ‘Well I know, I know.’ And I’ve really only done – well I’ve done three movies with Matthew–but he’s not in Sweet Home Alabama.

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