Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt Channel Taylor Swift for Farewell to Ken

Saturday Night Live host Ryan Gosling and fellow co-star of The Fall Guy, Emily Blunt, each bid farewell to their respective characters in last summer’s blockbusters, Barbie and Oppenheimer, by channelling Taylor Swift‘s “All Too Well.”

Gosling, hosting SNL for the third time following his cameo appearance last week, took to the piano to help him through the “breakup.”

“When you play a character that hard, that long, letting go feels like a breakup. And for processing a breakup, there’s really only one thing that can help: the music of the great Taylor Swift,” Gosling said.

After donning Ken’s fur coat and singing a few wistful lines about “shredding Venice beach,” Gosling was interrupted by Blunt, who scolded him for not doing enough to promote the pair’s upcoming movie.

“You’re Kenning right now! And I hate that that’s even a verb,” she groused. “You’re embarrassing yourself.”

Gosling continued on, prompting Blunt to hit him over the head with a bottle–and then a chair.

But when Gosling mentioned Blunt’s role last year as Kitty Oppenheimer, she too waxed nostalgic, with Gosling joining in later.

“Father of the atom bomb and a bottle of Jack, I used to be the alcoholic wife of a dude in a hat
Talkin’ to Albert Einstein, sippin’ a margarita with Sir Christopher Nolan in the Bhagavad Gita
And I miss all my Kens, and I miss Cillian Murphy, and you really should see The Fall Guy

But I just can’t seem to let Ken go, ‘Cause here we are again back in 2023 with the Barbenheimer summer, it was just you and me

Drunk on beer, no body hair, now it’s time to wish it all farewell.”

When the pair tried to blow out a “Ken” candle, it was extinguished only briefly before reigniting.


“Ken will never die!” Gosling said proudly.

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