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Escape an Endless Loop With a Cat in ‘The Stairway 7’ [Trailer]

Developer Steelkrill Studio had you rooting around in a sewer for your dog in Rotten Flesh, and now for their latest project in The Stairway 7, you’re dealing with a cat. You’ve also got to maintain your observation skills and memory if you want to get out alive.

Slated for a May 2024 release on Steam, The Stairway 7 has you stuck in an endless loop in a seemingly abandoned building stairwell, where the only living things are you and a cat. You have to observe your surroundings carefully to reach the exit (with the cat, obviously). However, there are “anomalies” watching your every move, and ready to hunt you down. Don’t take them with you up the stairways to the exit, as they will hurt you, and eventually kill you.

The rules are simple in The Stairway 7: Don’t overlook any changes in the environment. If you find anomalies, go back down the stairs to remove them. If you don’t find anomalies, continue up the stairs. However, things get more difficult when you must memorize the environment and your surroundings to find any discrepancies. This game will make you find out if you missed anything.

You’re not totally without any help, mind you. You’ll find notes for secrets, medicine to heal and more which you can manage in your inventory. Be careful, as there are different type of anomalies in The Stairway 7, with some hiding in plain sight.

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