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The first half of “Chucky” Season 3 ended with the massive bombshell that the serial killer’s Good Guy doll body is rapidly aging, putting him on the fast track toward death. Chucky wasn’t the only killer receiving bad news. Tiffany Valentine, inhabiting the body of Jennifer Tilly, also finds herself on Death Row with time running out.

USA and SYFY’s hit horror series “Chucky” is coming back to the small screen for “Season 3: Part 2” on April 10.

Ahead of the second half’s debut next week, Bloody Disgusting spoke with Jennifer Tilly about Tiffany’s impeccable sense of style, no matter the circumstances, and what kind of madness is in store as season three winds down. For starters, while Season 3: Part 2 might put Tiffany behind bars, don’t expect a drab prison uniform for the murderess.

Jennifer Tilly said of Tiffany’s extravagant prison life, “Well when I got the script, I said, ‘Oh.’ Because I usually do a lot of my own costumes. I looked at the script, and I was like, ‘This is going to be really relaxing.’ I basically have courtroom outfits, and in the script, it said, ‘a very demure suit.’ And then, for most of the rest of the show, I’m in a uniform. That’ll be pretty easy. I mean boring. So, I got there without any suitcases, and then Don Mancini goes, ‘No, no, no, no! This is Tiffany,’ he said, ‘we want her to be glamorous at all times. After she enchants the guards with her voodoo magic, she gets to wear whatever she wants!’

“I was like, ‘Wait! Let me call my assistant and have them empty out my closet into two suitcases.’ So, I think that that’s really fun and it makes a fun, exciting visual. It’s like you’re talking about a television series where a doll goes running around killing people. Is it that unbelievable that she would wear red stilettos in jail? I think not.”

Jennifer Tilly in Chucky season 3

CHUCKY — “Jennifer’s Body” Episode 303 — Pictured in this screengrab: Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine — (Photo by: SYFY)

More than just maintaining an effortless sense of glamour and style, there’s a meta layer for the actress to navigate with Tiffany trapped in Jennifer Tilly’s body while on death row. When asked about switching between personas, Jennifer Tilly offers up an easy tip to track her characters while embracing the fun of the entire series.

“You know what? I get this special zhuzh-zhuzh when I put on the wig; I’m like, ‘I’m Tiffany now bitches!’ Everybody, when they see pictures of me in the blonde wig, they’re like, ‘You should go blonde.’ I’m like, ‘Well, no, that’s Tiffany.’ But it is really, really fun to have the blonde hair and be like a lethal Marilyn Monroe character,” Tilly explains. “Then the doll is really fun, too, when the doll comes in because the doll has a smaller voice than Tiffany, the person. It’s a delineation between Chucky and Jennifer Tilly’s body and the actual, I mean Tiffany and Jennifer Tilly’s body and Tiffany the doll.

“It’s so funny when I’m trying to explain to people like, ‘Well, Tiffany is in Jennifer Tilly’s body, and everybody thinks she’s Jennifer Tilly, but she’s still Tiffany, so she killed a whole bunch of people. Now Jennifer Tilly is wanted for murder.’ Everyone’s like, ‘Whoa, wait! My head is spinning.’ But I always like to remind people you can watch the first three seasons on Peacock, and then you can catch up in lieu of our grand debut on April 10th.”

John Waters in “Chucky Season 3: Part 2”

If you thought Chucky invading the White House in Season 3: Part 1 was unhinged, Jennifer Tilly promises we haven’t seen anything yet. She teases what’s ahead for Part 2.

I have to tell you, the second half is batshit crazy. It’s insane. We have John Waters coming in. He plays the creepy doll maker that created Chucky. Who better? What better casting? Who else could play the creepy doll maker that created Chucky besides John Waters?! Who we adore. John Waters played a character in Seed of Chucky, the pervy paparazzi. He’s never played the kindly father. I don’t know what, something about John, he’s got that extra zhuzh-zhuzh that he can play these parts so well. He loves Chucky and the Chucky franchise.”

Tilly continues, “There are a lot of surprises, and I’m sure you’ve seen from the trailer that Brad Dourif comes back, and he plays the living Charles Lee Ray. How he does that, you’ll have to see. But it’s pretty spectacular. We were all so thrilled to have Brad Dourif, Oscar-nominated Brad Dourif, in the flesh doing Chucky. I think the fans are going to love that.”

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