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How YouTuber Morgan Riddle and Taylor Fritz Are Influencing Tennis

Morgan Riddle and Taylor Fritz are influencing the game of tennis.

The YouTuber and the athlete—currently ranked 13th in the world—have been helping to bring a younger audience to the sport since the start of their relationship in 2020.

“We actually met on Raya, the dating app,” Morgan, known to fans online as @moorrgs, recently told E! News. “It was during COVID. I had just moved to LA a few weeks before, so I didn’t really know anybody and I was kind of just hoping to grow my network and meet friends.”

But then, “I met him and I started traveling with him on the tour a few months later,” the 26-year-old continued. “And now it’s been almost four years of that.”

And while the Minnesota native wasn’t a tennis fan prior to meeting Taylor, she’s a total pro now. 

“I really came from a hockey family,” the Celsius partner shared. “And when I was growing up, I was not a sports kid at all. I was like a speech and debate, theater kid. Now I would consider myself an expert on tennis. I know every single player, I know their strengths and weaknesses, I can tell you anything about the sport, really.”

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