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An Important Conversation With Big E About Mental Health, Loss, and the Bray Wyatt Film. Plus, Dip and Peter Recap ‘Raw.’

Two days before Rosenberg and Dip appear in front of a SOLD-OUT crowd in Philadelphia, they’re together in New York City to discuss their big takeaways from last night’s Raw. (00:00) After that, Dip airs some grievances about the luxury towel industry, solicits bagel recommendations in Saudi Arabia, and then pulls it together for a little mailbag (28:40).

Then, Big E joins Rosenberg for a chat intended to be about WrestleMania, but becomes a much more important conversation (43:55). Rosenberg and Big E each open up about their own mental health struggles, and Big E sheds light on how meditation and living in the present moment has helped him overcome his demons. The guys then finish out the conversation with a discussion concerning the Bray Wyatt documentary and how Wyatt’s sudden death changed Big E’s perspective on life (01:08:45).

Thanks to Snickers for helping Big E join the program.

We’ll see you Thursday.

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg and Dip
Guest: Big E
Producer: Troy Farkas

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