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Here’s the Awesome Box Art for Official ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ Tabletop Board Game

Techland is bringing Dying Light to board games. The developer is teaming up with Glass Cannon Unplugged, who created Frostpunk: The Board Game, to get the ball rolling on a tabletop adaption. The game’s Kickstarter will launch tomorrow, February 27.

Designed by Przemysław Zub and Bartosz Tomala, Dying Light: The Board Game is a cooperative narrative adventure game designed for 1-4 players. Set in the last city on Earth, Villedor, players must survive encounters with and against the zombie-like Infected as they balance the demands of the various ruling factions. Dying Light: The Board Game will provide “an intuitive and easy-to-learn ruleset that can adapt to dynamic playstyles and narratives.” The game will also feature “an original, adrenaline-fueled parkour and combat system”, as well as a day and night cycle.

The board game will have two variants. The Standard Edition includes 76 standees, each with a plastic base ring, while the Deluxe Version elevates this with 76 high-quality plastic miniatures crafted on a realistic scale of 32 mm. These include 4 Runners, 8 Bandits, 60 Infected, and 4 Large Infected Bosses.

As an incentive to back the game early, in the first 24 hours of the campaign, backers at the standard pledge level and above will receive an exclusive character pack for Dying Light protagonist Kyle Crane. This add-on allows him to become a fully playable character with a dedicated miniature, standee, character card, and unique weapon.

You can keep tabs on the campaign via Glass Cannon’s X page.

Dying Light isn’t the only adaptation that Glass Cannon are working on this year, as they’ll be launching a board game and tabletop RPG adaptation of Blizzard’s Diablo later this year.

Meanwhile, Dying Light 2 recently launched a new Reloaded Edition of the game, which combines the base game with all of the DLC released so far, including the new Firearms Update.

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