It’s Not Just Margot Robbie Dressing Like Her Famous Character On Red Carpets This Year. Emma Stone Just Followed Suit

Poor Things has proven to be one of the best things to happen for Emma Stone. The Best Actress contender continues to kill, it as she just won a BAFTA for her critically acclaimed performance in the Yorgos Lanthimos movie. Not only were heads turning at this awards ceremony for the victorious wins accomplished, but the incredible fashions displayed on the red carpet. Just like Margot Robbie has been wearing famous Barbie outfits on the red carpet, Emma Stone followed suit with a dress that Bella Baxter would approve of wearing.

EStone previously channeled her resurrected character on the red carpet wearing a gorgeous dress with carefully placed cutouts at the New York premiere of Poor Things. You’d think she bought that dress in the pastel world of the Oscar-nominated flick. According to The Guardian, Stone decided to channel the Victorian-era woman at the BAFTAs with an ensemble that would make you question if the La La Land star was standing at the podium or Bella Baxter. Take a look at the eye-gazing fashion below:

Emma Stone at the BAFTAs

(Image credit: Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Bella Baxter was known for her steampunk Victorian-era taste with those puffed sleeves and pastels. What made these costumes so brilliant was incorporating its blend of the Victorian era and sci-fi, which benefitted well to Emma Stone’s weirdest movie. Just when we couldn’t get the Poor Things female lead out of our minds, she decided to pay homage to her on the BAFTAs red carpet with a dress that’s screaming ruffles and brightly-colored pastels. 

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