‘Kids Will Humble You’: As America Ferrera’s Barbie Performance Is Praised, She Reveals Her Children’s Funny Reactions To The Movie

Fresh off her first Oscar nomination, America Ferrera continues to receive praise for her Barbie performance and rousing finale speech about womanhood. While Hollywood and moviegoers celebrate Ferrara, her kids are ambivalent about their mother being in the summer blockbuster. On that note, she revealed her children’s funny reactions to the movie.

The Barbie actress came clean about her kids’ reactions while honored with the Virtuosos Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (via People). Before the comedy blockbuster took over pop culture, Ferrera brought her two children to watch it at the Los Angeles premiere. Sitting at the screening wasn’t quite the family bonding experience the Oscar nominee expected. She recalled her three-year-old daughter’s reaction, saying:

My daughter turns to me and says, ‘Why were you driving that car?’ Awesome. I’m so glad that’s what you took from that.

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