Megan Fox Just Defied Expectations About What ‘A Mother’ Should Look Like In A Corset Top And Thigh High Cowboy Boots

Megan Fox is never afraid to make a statement. This weekend, when many eyeballs were prepping to be glued to TV screens to watch a tight game between the Kansas City Chiefs and The San Francisco 49ers (or at least Super Bowl LVIII’s best commercials), the Expendables 4 actress took to social media to defy stereotypes about what a mother is and what a mother looks like in our society. 

Of course, I think that most people know that moms have a whole slew of differences, from looks, to priorities, personalities, occupations, hobbies, socioeconomic status and more.  I think because we see her as a socialite and industry staple and because the kids she shares with ex-Brian Austin Green are not in tow, it’s easy to forget that at the end of the day Megan Fox is also a mom. A mom of three in fact. But she’d like to remind her fans that just because she’s a mom doesn’t mean she can’t rock whatever looks she wants, and that’s exactly what she did this weekend with her post, which she simply captioned: “a mother.”

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